HSA Foundation

A charity using person-centred practices worldwide for social change.

Our charitable work is done through the HSA Foundation. Our trustees are part of the HSA team, and the work we do at HSA directly influences the projects we support around the world. We work with partners to co-develop projects and achieve social change through person-centred practices.

The Institute for Person-Centred Approaches in India

The Institute for Person-Centred Approaches in India (IPCAI) was set up to support people in India to explore and develop using person-centred practices. Coordinated by Director Mathew Kanamala, the IPCAI delivers workshops and support to students, teachers, young people, retired people, people with learning disabilities and women in rural communities. IPCAI is helping us to learn how we can develop and adapt person-centred practices to enable people to have skills and tools to make positive change in their lives, organisations and communities.

Community Circles


Circles of support bring people together around someone who wants to make change in their life. Community Circles are a way for friends and family to support someone, through regular meetings with a facilitator. The facilitator helps the conversation move to action, through person-centred practices. Community Circles are a way for us to support each other in our local community. Community Circles is part of the HSA Foundation. Through Community Circles, we are exploring how we can have more circles of support across the country, using person-centred thinking tools, so that more people can benefit.

Think About Your Life


The website thinkaboutyourlife.org was co-developed with cancer survivors and people with long term conditions, to enable people to use person-centred practices to make changes to their life. The website is funded through the HSA Foundation.

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