Depth and Breadth – a multi-layered approach

How fast things change? In less than one month we have reviewed our position on the next phase of the implementation of the Personalisation Journey so that we cover 'depth' and 'breadth' across the organisation.

Breadth means that everyone will be using person-centred thinking tools in their role, and managers will use Progress for Providers for managers to self-assess how they are using the person-centred thinking tools themselves, and with their team. It includes managers consistently using Positive and Productive Meetings,  Person-Centred Supervision and an annual appraisal. We are also working towards everyone we support having an annual person-centred review.

Depth refers to the 3 regions where we are implementing full Individual Service Funds. 

We have decided to take a whole organisation, multilayered approach.  This was not a decision that was taken lightly but was in recognition that this was not something that people should wait for……….'coming to a place near to you soon' is simply not an option. This is something that should be happening for everyone; people we support are entitled to make choices and decisions about how they live their lives and our employees are entitled to be well supported and given opportunities to maximise their potential.

So we have a new plan, a new project manager and a new project team and our first meeting scheduled. One of the lessons we learnt from the previous journey was the need for clarity around roles and expectations and so we have given much thought to this in developing our plan.

The next month or so will be about some of the practicalities of such a huge task…………when I think about it can become quite daunting!  Essentially this is a huge change management programme requiring people to work in different ways.  There are many theories about change management but one of the absolutes is that it is never easy to change behaviours and cultures. I am so pleased we have a new project manager! 

One of the first tasks is how we communicate our intentions to everyone and so we will be paying significant attention to a Communication Strategy. At times like this it never hurts to revisit Kotter's 8 steps to successful change.


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