Person-centred reviews

You have probably been part of a traditional service review at some point. Did you ever feel that people weren’t listened to, weren’t involved in the process or didn’t feel part of it?

A person-centred review is a different way of doing things.

It uses person-centred thinking tools to explore what is happening from the person’s perspective and from other peoples’ perspectives. This results in outcomes and actions for person-centred change. Outcomes can be confusing, and we have developed an eight-step process to make this easier.

People with care and support plans and personal budgets have annual person-centred reviews that include what is working and not working about their outcomes from their care and support plan, and how they are spending their budget. We contributed to the Department of Health’s Practical Guide to Outcome-Focused Reviews.

We have also produced a new resource that details what standards need to be in place before a person-centred review takes place.

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You can learn more about the person-centred thinking tools through our online learning website,


Training for Trainers

If you would like to learn how to train people in person-centred reviews, you might be interested in our upcoming programme. Click here for more information.



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