Person-centred thinking tools

Person-centred thinking tools

Person-centred thinking tools help you to think and plan for life.

They are used as practical ways to capture information that feeds into care and support planning as well as to improve understanding, communication and relationships. These simple tools developed with the Learning Community for Person Centred Practices, walk you through your journey step by step. You can use them on yourself, with people you support and with people you work with.

Sorting important to/for

Helps identify a balance between being happy and content, with being healthy and safe.

What’s working/not working

Records what is working and what is not working from different perspectives to inform action plans.

The Doughnut

Identifies the roles and responsibilities of the people providing support

Relationship circle

A person-centred thinking tool that identifies who is important to a person or family and how these relationships can help support the person

Presence to Contribution

Thinking about how support someone to be fully part of their community

Matching Support

Matches people with support; sorts what support a person needs/wants, what skills are required to support them in this, characteristics, shared interests.

Learning Log

A place for people to record what they are learning when they are supporting someone. It is used to make changes and update one-page profiles.

Good day/Bad day

Looks at what makes a good day and what makes a bad day. A way to reflect on what is important to the person and what is will take for them to have more good days.

Decision Making Agreement

To help you support someone in their decision-making

Communication chart

Records how someone communicates with his or her behaviour

4 plus 1 questions

A simple set of questions for learning and reflection.

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