Person-Centred Thinking Tools

There are a range of practical person-centred thinking tools, that are based on the foundation of person centred planning.

Person-centred thinking can be used to build a person centred plan (Essential Lifestyle Plan) over time. The person-centred thinking tools were developed by the Learning Community for Person Centred Practices
and the Inclusion movement


The Person-Centred Thinking Tools are:

  1. One-Page Profiles

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Papers and Articles

Person-centred thinking and long term health conditions - Pat's Story.

Pat has suffered with Raynaud's in her feet since her early thirties, and also has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes type 2. This story describes how Pat manages her long term health conditions using various person centred thinking tools and used them to develop her one page profile. Pat is now experiencing personalised, responsive and holistic care that not only treats her illnesses, but also suits her and how she wants to live her life.

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Using Person-Centred Thinking in Continuing Health Care.

Continuing health care can be a real challenge for nurses, but a team in Wiltshire are using person-centred thinking tools to help care manage patients and meet their health needs in a more personalised way. This case study describes how to use the different tools to address a number of everyday challenges.

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A podcast called Definitions.

What is meant by person-centred approaches, thinking and planning? Michael Smull talks with Helen Sanderson.


Related Materials

A practical Guide to Delivering Personalisation, Person-Centred Practice in Health and Social Care.

This book will show how to deliver personalisation through simple, effective and evidence-based person-centred practice that changes people's lives and helps them achieve the outcomes they want. It covers why person-centred practice is relevant to the personalisation agenda and what person-centred thinking and person-centred reviews are, introducing the tools that can help you carry them out. It also explores the relationship between person-centred plans and support plans, and how person-centred practice can be used in the journey of support through adulthood - from prevention or the management of long-term health conditions to reablement, recovery, support in old age and at the end of life. There is also a chapter on taking a person-centred approach to risk.


Person-Centred Thinking Minibook

Person Centred Thinking MinibookA pocket sized, quick reference minibook of person-centred thinking tools. This includes: sorting what's important to/for us; the doughnut sort; sorting what's working/not working; communication chart; like and admire; relationship circles; learning log. Produced in partnership with The Learning Community for Person Centred Practice.


Person-Centred Cards

PCT Cards


These handy cards provide information on a range of person-centred thinking tools. Each card suggests the benefits of using the tools with individuals and organisations, and has step by step instructions.



All materials are available from the HSA Press website or by calling 0161 442 8271.


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