Personal Health Plans

Where people have a personal health budget, their support plan is called a personal health plan.

Person Centred Health Action Plans: what are we learning?

This paper will introduce one page Health Action Plans, a way of supporting people to achieve and maintain good health that places person centred thinking at the centre of the process. It will examine what Government policy said about Health Action Planning and will look at what has been tried since 2001. The learning that has taken place will be considered and the components of a one page Health Action Plan will be discussed. The best people to do Health Action Planning with individuals will be suggested and the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of method will be examined.

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Personal Health Workbook.

This workbook is designed to help you develop a Personalised Care Plan/Personal Health Plan. It is divided into three sections. The first section is a series of tools and exercises that can be useful in helping gather information for the plan. The second section is tools and exercises that will help you develop outcomes and then design and plan what your support will look like. The third section is a template of the criteria for what should be in a Personal Health Plan.

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Personal Health Plan Template.
This is a new graphic template created by Helen Sanderson Associates and NHS West Midlands. This template can help you create your own personal health plan/ care plan.

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